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Permanent make up, also known as micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing and microblading is where colour is implanted into the skin with a tool such as a microblade or a needle. CE Certified cartridge needles are used at our clinic with a digital machine where and a variety of beautiful effects can be achieved.

We also use the high quality safe, ethical and beautiful Goldeneye Coloressence pigments which are vegan and free of preservatives.

Permanent make up is serious commitment. After all, your face is the one part of you that everyone sees. Feel asssured that Gemma has had high quality training (see the 'About us' section) and is an approved Featherbrow™ Artist who is continually updating her knowledge and attending webinars and training to ensure her clients get the very best.

She is also now offering a tattoo removal service for those who have had previous brow work elsewhere that is too saturated or poorly shaped. See the Li-FT Removal section.


All brows are currently £300.
A 3 part payment option is available to make this affordable for you.
£50 Non refundable deposit on booking, £180 on the day and £70 on your 6 week retouch appointment.


A shaded powder brow. Choose from a light dusty powder behind your natural brow or a more defined and dense dusty brow.


Choose from soft and fluffy hairstrokes, or crisp hairstrokes depending on preference and skin type imitating natural brow hair.


Also known as a combination brow. Hairstrokes at the front blending to a defined powder effect throughout the body of the brow.