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FACIALS from £45

Facials help the skin by improving moisture balance, improving skin tone, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the skin, increasing blood flow, improving texture, skin elasticity, unblocking pores and calming the mind.

We use cosmeceutical skincare ranges Clinicare and CosMed in our facials which are tailored to you. You will leave the clinic feeling deeply relaxed with improved complexion and a healthy glow.


A traditional facial bespoke to your skin's needs. We have a range of quality products and massage techniques to help your skin feel its best and your mind feeling refreshed and relaxed.

This Facial includes:

-Cleanse and tone matched to your skin type.
-Gentle enzyme Peel
-Face, neck and shoulder Massage
- Serum matched to your skin type.
-Specialised Esthemax HydroJelly mask or cream mask.
-Scalp massage
-A personalised skin prescription.

**Hydrojelly masks help to balance electrolytes in the skin and use a vacuum effect to infuse serums into the skin. They also smell amazing!!
Our selections include:
Egyptian Rose,
Himalayan White Tea
Illuminating Orange Peel
Anti-aging Masks- Vampire PLLA, Skin Warrior ( Lotus flower) and Gold dust.


This specialised facial to exfoliate, reduces puffiness, brightens the complexion, and deeply nourishes the skin by infusing skin products at a deeper level using multiple modalities including:
-Our medical grade products with vitamin C.
-Ultrasonic skin scrubber for gentle peeling and vitamin C infusion.
-Cooling Gua Sha facial massage to stimulate blood flow and reduce puffiness.
-Vitamin C cream mask or Illuminating orange HydroJelly mask.

-Personalised medical grade Skin prescription that can be delivered to your door.

PURE AND CLEAR FACIAL - £55 (60 Minutes.

The Pure and Clear facial targets congested oily skin, blackheads and spot prone skin with different technologies and techniques that are results driven!

-Medical grade Cleanse, tone , and serum specially formulated to clear the complexion
-Ultra Sonic skin scrubber to gently peel and extract
-15 Minute Facial massage featuring ice globe stimulation.
-15 Minute Spot diminishing/ White Himalayan White tea HYDROJELLY mask.
-30 minutes Clinically proven CELLUMA ™️ Blue light therapy to target deep into the cells to kill bacteria, reduce oil production and balance the skin.
- A personalised medical grade skin prescription for home that can be delivered to your door.

Please note: If you have inflamed acne we recommend our Acne Transformation Programme to get to the bottom on your acne flare ups and keep them away long term.

PURE PEEL AND GLOW - £65 (45 Minutes)
(Chemical Peel)

For ULTIMATE refreshed, clear and glowing skin!!
This is a highly effective treatment to purify and oxygenate the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, targeting excess oil, reducing inflammation whilst moisturising. Also reduces pore size and gives the skin a luminous glow. Every peel is followed with our tailored Hydrojelly cooling mask and SPF and a free Skincare prescription plan with GetHarley. A course of 3 (every 5-7 days) is highly recommend for best results.

**See "Ultimate peel & glow" under 'TREATMENT COURSE' tab to save money and book your course.
PLEASE NOTE: Not recommended if going on holiday. (Allow 2 weeks before booking).