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Gemma is the owner of the business and started her journey into beauty in 2016 where she has continued to succeed and expand her services over the years, eventually specialising in skin and brow treatments. Gemma is a fully qualified and insured Cosmetic tattoo brow artist and a holistic a Skin Practitioner.

“I have always had a creative flair and a love for beauty and I'm passionate providing a professional, natural and safe treatment for you whilst making you feel welcome and relaxed. I absolutely love seeing the beautiful results and the smile on your face when you leave".

Gemma xx


I chose to train with the amazing Layla Hinchen in Essex after following and admiring her work over the years and qualified in 2019. I am also an approved FeatherbrowTM Artist.

I believe that we should continue to self-develop and learn after training which is why I became a member of the PMU Circle, founded by Layla where I continue learning and skill building every month in PMU with worldwide PMU Educators, Artists and Masters.
My aim is to produce high quality work with natural soft finishes and minimal trauma.


When it comes to skin, I believe that you should be treated holistically to get the best results and I educate my clients as much as possible so they can continue to benefit even when they’re not in the salon.

In 2021 I decided to invest to become a Skin Practitioner where I have learned about skincare ingredients, nutrition and everything that therapists don’t get taught in the standard beauty courses. With my knowledge and dedication to helping you, I am able to offer standalone skin treatments for your specific concerns, treatment courses and personalised Skin transformation programmes which covers nutrition, lifestyle, treatments, home skin care and diet. Our in clinic treatments include hands on therapy combined with advanced technologies such as L.E.D, Radiofrequency, Collagen induced therapy, peels and much more! Take a look at our treatments and get in touch if you would like to find out more.